Security and surveillance

Our skilled, well-trained and reliable security workers help to promote a safe environment and take measures to prevent dangerous situations. They create an environment in which people feel safe.

Security is a basic human need. Only when people feel safe, are they able to function properly and fulfill their basic needs by themselves. Boka Services works proactively towards a safe society in which everyone can live, work and travel safely. Our capable, highly trained and reliable security workers promote safety and take measures to prevent dangerous situations. Inconspicuously and tactfully, they create an environment in which people feel and remain safe.

Security services

Our security services are:

  • Airport security
  • General security
  • Neighbourhood security

Airport security

Airports are always open. All day, every day they process large numbers of passengers and huge amounts of freight and baggage. This means they are vulnerable places that must be secure at all times. Our airport security workers ensure rapid and efficient passenger, baggage and freight handling, and guarantee their security.


  • Checking of passengers and hand luggage
  • Access control
  • Freight security
  • Checking of staff
  • Freight accompaniment
  • Accompaniment of high value consignments

General security

General security is where safety and security is provided to people, possessions and buildings. Our surveillance workers, shop security guards and other security workers guarantee the security of shopping centres, bus and train stations, public buildings, penitentiaries, healthcare centres and other public locations and areas. They are highly communicative and alert. They act in a preventive and correctional manner, thereby detecting problematic situations on time and preventing these from escalating. If necessary, they will request police assistance.


  • Access control
  • Shop surveillance
  • Mobile surveillance
  • Building site security
  • Camera surveillance
  • Reception desk and hostess services

Neighbourhood security

Security begins in the neighbourhood. Our integral safety and security experts analyse, give advice and devise plans for neighbourhood security. These plans are carried out by our surveillance workers and neighbourhood security workers. Their joint efforts help to create a safe and liveable neighbourhood where everyone feels safe and free and is able to go about their lives undisturbed.


  • Tackling of youth disorder
  • Tackling of (petty) crime
  • Prevention and tackling of vandalism
  • Tackling of disorder in schoolyards and in the vicinity of schoolyards
  • Tackling of disorder in and in the vicinity of residential complexes

Security jobs

We provide staff for the following security jobs:

  • Airport security worker
  • Shop surveillance worker
  • Security worker
  • Surveillance worker
  • Neighbourhood security worker
  • Safety and security expert

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