Airport services

Our enthusiastic and well-trained staff make sure that passengers are able to travel safely and comfortably, and that air freight arrives at its destination safely and intact.

At airports there are numerous firms that carry out facilitatory services. It is because of their  efforts that airports are able to operate optimally 24/7, thereby enabling passengers to travel safely and comfortably, and air freight to arrive at its destination safely and intact. Boka Services provides knowledgeable and highly trained staff who are committed to carrying out these facilitatory airport services.

Airport services

Our airport services are:

  • Cargo ramp services
  • Warehousing
  • Airport security
  • Reception desk staffing

Cargo ramp services

Our temps will gladly carry out the following tasks for you:

  • Loading and unloading of air freight
  • Airplane cleaning


  • Loading and unloading of trucks
  • Packing and unpacking of unit load devices
  • Checking freight for missing articles and/or damaged articles
  • Identification of special freight, such as: dangerous goods and high value consignments


  • Checking of passengers and hand luggage
  • Access control
  • Freight security
  • Checking of staff
  • Freight accompaniment
  • Accompaniment of high value consignments

Airport jobs

We provide staff for the following airport jobs:

  • Warehouse worker
  • Cargo ramp worker
  • Cargo office worker
  • Air freight worker
  • Receptionist
  • Parking valet
  • Baggage handler
  • Airplane cleaner
  • Cleaner
  • Traffic controller
  • Airport security worker

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