About us

Our goal is to bring out the very best in people

People are the organization

It is the combination of their personalities, talents and potential that define the identity of the organization and determine its success. Therefore, it is not only kind-hearted to involve the people in the organization – the employees – it is also a very smart thing to do. By carefully selecting employees who really suit the organization and subsequently taking good care of them, the organization will achieve its goals more easily. This will result in an optimal return on investment and above all satisfied customers. Customers who keep coming back and who spread the word.

It’s all about people

This is what we believe in and how we act. It is also why everything at Boka Services is centerd around people. In our recruitment activities, we put a lot of time and energy into our clients and in the people who apply for our job vacancies. It all starts with the clients. What do they require? And more importantly, what is their identity, their vision of the future and their organizational culture? Following this, we also ask our temps many questions. Who are they? What is their potential? And what is their intrinsic motivation? The answers to questions like these enable us to introduce temps who meet our clients’ requirements.

The next step

When the choice has been made, we involve both parties in looking at the further development and training of the temp. What does the temp need to fully apply their potential for the benefit of the organization? In other words: how can we support the organization, so that it can take good care of its employees? Because, when the organization takes good care of its people, its people will take good care of the organization’s customers. Happy employees and customers create a successful organization.

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